INTERNET, Woo Hoo.. (and an FO)

I am a very, very happy bunny. We have INTERNET. Full-blown, on-my-own-laptop, wireless, high-bandwidth, pretty-pictures, peoples-blogs, more-yarn kinda internet. What this means is that I can surf all day, every day if I so choose. We are no longer limited to evenings on Ollie’s laptop, connected to the Net through Ollie’s mobile, paying euro’s per hour. I’m not a miser (much) but that was eatting into my budget some.

Anyway, on another note, Ollie’s parents and older brother were over for a week, visiting family and chilling. We’ve had a great week, shopping, trying new foods and visiting extended family. I’m so shattered though.. *sigh*
As for knitting, I haven’t done much this week, what with family visits, shopping and having the ‘Net back. But I did manage to finish this little beanie for Ollie:




Yarn: 1 x Wendy Fusion in Mace
Pattern: A made up one. 2×4 rib and then cables on the 4’s
Needles: 5.5mm Knit Pick Options

It was a very quick knit and very easy once I started. I spoke to Diane for a quick easy beanie and she said, 2×4 or 2×6 rib/cables.. so on that basis off I flew. Twisting cables in opposite directions, giving you a 12 stitch pattern.

I’ll probably make more of these with different cabling, as hats for Christmas! 🙂


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