Weekends are for….


Supposedly. 🙂

I flew over to the UK for a week as you know, for a quick visit with M. As an extra, we were planning to go to Ally Pally with the girls. So, M and I travelled to London on Friday and went to Stash Yarns where Diane works.

Now take a look at what we had to fondle:

Stash Yarns

Stash Yarns 2

And for all you Koigu fans:


As we were fondling, Helen came in! We had a quick chat before she headed off, back up north. It was lovely to meet you me dear! 🙂

Now obviously, as we were going to Ally Pally the next day, I wasn’t really supposed to spend anything. Wrong. I bought loads of cashmere and some Suri Merino:

Malabrigo Silk Mohair Handmaiden Cashmere

Suri Merino Cashmere

Nice, nah? 😀

We spent a lovely afternoon chatting and browsing and fondling and even doing some knitting in between. After meeting up with Diane’s other half, we spent the evening at a lovely Thai restaurant in Fulham called Blue Elephant. Stunning. These are the Orchids that they gave the us as we left, after a fantastic meal:

Orchids Orchids 2

Saturday was a very, very early start. We met up with Jacquie, Ali and the ever lovely Kate

Here we are at Ally Pally:

A&P 2


And some individual piccies.


Diane 2





And only the group piccie of Kate, because she’s camera shy and wouldn’t let me take a photo of her on her own..

Once again I spent way too much money. More cashmere, some baby camel and Knitpicks:

Fleece Artist Knitwitches Sock Natural Dye Studio

Baby Camel Knitwitches Cashmere


I just want to say thanks to all the girls for a lovely, lovely day. I had an absolutely great time. And Ali, the cookies were fabulous. Send us the recipe!! 🙂


9 thoughts on “Weekends are for….

  1. Woo-hoo! Me, the little pink Coke addict, I mean, advert!

    I’ll email you the recipe. 🙂 It was lovely seeing you again. Come visit again soon!

  2. Wheeee what a yummy lot of pics! Sorry I missed seeing you that week but you did look like you had a fabby time with everyone. Love the colours of your new found stash, you’ll love the options, hard to use anything else once tried!
    Huggles from us all
    Tess xx

  3. Why did you put my photo on here? 😦

    Love your haul photos!! I wsa so lazy with mine and just shoved them on a table. 🙂

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