WIP: Eagle's Flight Socks

I have finished the first of the pair!!  Yay!

So here it is for your perusal.  On the foot:

The stitches:

And finally, me playing with the camera again!

Details on needles, yarn etc, later when I finish it’s mate. 🙂


6 thoughts on “WIP: Eagle's Flight Socks

  1. I just love the socks! They’re lovely! The pattern is fabulous…..as is your photography! (Every time I try to get a close-up of anything – especially stitches, it tends to blur)

  2. Ooh, I disappear from the Internet world for a week and I come back to lots of lovely photos from you. Both pairs of socks look great, and your new camera is clearly a wonderful toy. 😉 Scrummy new yarn acquisition there! Looks lovely….

  3. Oh wow they’re very very pretty Kai

    My Eagles have been a bit neglected… due to school cardis.
    Think I will go do a few more rounds of mine now!.. I’m sooooo bored of school red

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