I’m feeling a little restless. It’s a feeling that’s been with me for the last few weeks, but up until now, I’ve been able to ignore it and put it aside.

Today though, it’s not so easy. 😦

Let’s take a couple of steps back and start at the beginning of this week. I decided that as we’re moving in a couple of weeks, spending a few days at home with my parents would be really good. I made a list of all the foods that my mum makes and that I really miss. I called her up on Sunday and told her what was on my list and then drove up on Monday. The last few days have been great. I got to eat my mum’s cooking!!! 🙂 She made everything that was on my list and I’ve even got some of the recipes so that I can have a go myself at some point. This isn’t every day curries, this is th savoury dishes and sweets that my mum makes. I can do curries. I have never tried sweets and the savoury dishes I love, I’ve tried once and botched completely.

I have a better understanding, now that I’ve actually taken the time to watch mum and note things down!

I also started a new project, socks. But we’ll talk about that later. 🙂

I decided to drive back yesterday and would you believe, I broke down. Nothing wrong with the car per se, more the damned front tyre.

A lovely man on his motorbike pulled up beside me and mimed that my left front tyre was a bit low. I pulled into the next service station, found the air and water section. Started to put air into the tyre and within seconds, it blew. 😦 There was rubber everywhere.

Called the AA and they were great. I had to wait a couple of hours for a recovery truck, but they did arrange for a man and new tyre combo to meet us at a service station further on. Unfortunately, for a trip that would normally take me 4 hours tops, it took 8 hours. I got in very late last night and I’m shattered this morning.

Have to say though, I got a good 2 hours worth of knitting done while waiting to be rescued.

The unfortunate thing is that this particular ‘adventure’ has brought my restlessness right to the forefront of my mind. I NEED TO DO SOMETHING. I just don’t know what. I don’t even know where to start. I think I’ll have to start making a list and narrowing it down from there.

On to the knitting. Yep, I said I’d started another project. I know, I know. I’m supposed to be working through my WIP’s. I will, I promise.

But having seen Bronte’s Eagle’s Flight Sockapalooza socks, I couldn’t resist having a go at the pattern myself. 🙂

Here is the progress so far:

Eagle's Flight

Looking good? I think so. That was until I noticed this:

Broken Needle

Yep. It’s a broken bamboo needle. 😦

First one of my DPN’s to have snapped. Thankfully, they’re the Takumi Clover range and I have a 5th needle. As I only use 4, this is a life saver. Phew.

Oh, and I’ve fallen off the ‘no buying yarn’ wagon. But it is scrumptious stuff. Piccies later! 🙂


8 thoughts on “Harrumph..

  1. Nice sockie! It’s a lovely pattern – I’m glad I tried it out myself in a plain yarn, because the patterning of the yarn on the originals just hides the lacy lovliness. 😦

    Though just casting on a sock after the “adventure” you had is very restrained. You’re just saving yourself for a German Yarn Shop Haul, I hope. 😉

  2. Sorry to hear about your icky tyre adventure. Those are never fun at all, but it sounds like the visit with your mum was worth it. However, you definitely deserve some yarn buying and some casting-on after that!

    The socks are looking great. But we want piccies of this scrummy new yarn, too!!

    Sorry your needle broke. Have you had it long? Perhaps the manufacturer would replace it? I’ve found most needle manufacturers seem to be pretty good about replacing any defective needles.

    Good luck with the restlessness thing. When you say you need to “do something”, do you mean you need an activity to fill your time? Or more along the lines of a new career? Or something else completely?

  3. Glad to hear that you got home ok, and at least the tyre went when you were stopped. I’ve had one go when I was driving (thankfully only at 30mph) and it’s not pleasant.

    Hope you can sort out your out-of-sortsness and get back to chilled-outness soon 🙂

  4. sorry you’ve had a restless few weeks it’s not pleasant and I hope you find something to soothe it….. Sorry you had so much agro driving back from your mum’s and it certainly sounds unpleasant but look at it in a +’ve light it’s made you face the restlessness and plan to do something about it… “Everything happens for a reason”

    The socks are looking great and I look forward to a photo….

  5. Awee sorry you’ve had a restless few weeks, moving is very stressfull. Glad you made it home ok, having breakdown cover is a must!… at least you made it to the services, last time I broke down it was at traffic lights.. mega embarrasing!

    Bronte seems to have started an Eagles Flight craze off at the moment, I casted on a pair a couple of night’s ago, nice easy to remember pattern and NO rib… sock heaven!!… mine are a lot less subdued than yours, I needed a mega bright yarn fix so I’m doing mine in Krafty Koala rainbow yarn!
    I love the colour of your yarn it shows off the pattern so well…. oh well more shopping!

  6. Going home before making a big move always makes things feel a bit better. Hope the restlessness gives way and you start to enjoy the prospect of moving. 😉

    (Btw, it was lovely to meet you; shame that you’re moving so soon! But it gives me a reason to visit someday).

  7. The restlessness could come with the move. Or it could be something else. I’ve been finding myself feeling restless at work but that’s linked to the fact that I’m ‘formally’ in training as opposed to working. Nothing feels terribly important or as if it matters.

    So, I’ve been looking at other outlets. Possibly volunteering at the local park. Some online ‘teaching’ and just keeping an eye out for stuff that sounds interesting. My friend Claire mentored a young girl and found it frustrating but very rewarding. She felt she was actually “doing SOMETHING”.

  8. Yeah, it could well be the move that’s making you feel restless. It can raise anxiety levels even if it’s something you’re looking forward to. I hope you feel more settled within yourself once it’s out of the way. If not, it could be time for a whole new adventure!

    Your sock’s coming along a treat! Pity about the needle though. Now, show us the yarn! 😀

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