Knitting Friends..

As time goes by and you knit more projects, search out more yarns, join new groups and KAL’s, you realise that what you’re actually doing is building up a network of ‘friends’. People who you may or may not ever meet, but with whom you share a passion and love for a craft.

These people are very special. They know you not. They only ever speak to you on the ‘Net and they know you from what you write and maybe your blog, yet they think of you as a friend.

I have such friends. And I love them.

I whinged on a previous post that I was struggling with chart reading and loads of you came back with some great suggestions.

LittleBerry sent me a message asking for my address as she had something that might help and she left me very intrigued… it turned up yesterday:

LittleBerry Tape

It’s great!!! 🙂 I shall be putting it to very good use tonight when I pick up MS3 again!! Thank you honey, you’re a life saver! *kiss* 🙂

Then there is Tess who never stops surprising me. She is so generous and sweet and lovely. I got this in the post from her:

Tess's Booty

A selection of her new yarns to have a play with. And I am definitely going to be playing!!
My favourites are the baby alpaca yarns, especially this one:

Cherry Yarn

And then there’s Cairi and Bronte Cairi offered to make me some Endpaper Mitts because I have been coveting them for a while but colourwork is very scarey. Bronte has listened to me go on and on and on about issues that are most definitely boring, with the patience of a saint and has always come back with some really encouraging advise.

I Love my knitting community. All the people’s blogs that I read, all the things we say to each other and offer each other. It’s so special. Thank you all so much for being a part of this very special community.

I need to go find a tissue now…


8 thoughts on “Knitting Friends..

  1. Hugs to you from “across the pond” – I definitely agree with you – I love all the friends that I’ve met on-line….they’re the best! Now I need a tissue!

  2. You are so right! The world of knitters is really a wonderful place…sometimes I’m sad that most of us only know each other online, but it’s still much better than never having met at all! 🙂

    And Tess’s yarns look so lovely….and the colours are amazing….oh my, I’m not sure what I want to make or which ones I want to start with. But I definitely will have to try them soon!

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