Bits and Lace Stole

This week has been pretty hectic. Work is very, very busy at the moment and life at home is pretty busy too. Before we know it our evenings are gone, it’s time for bed we’re back into the whole work, no play cycle.

Anyway, enough whinging. That’s not what you’re here for!

I’ve been knitting booties again!!

Better than Booties

Yarn: Lorna’s Lces Shepard Sock in Cranberry

Pattern: Interweave Knits Better Than Booties, Chevron Lace Socks

Needles: 2.00mm Susan Bates DPN’s

I’ve nearly finished the second one and these are for a lady at work who’s just had a baby girl. I first made the Chevron Lace socks for Tess’s little girl, Lilli and fell in love with the pattern then. This is made from the same yarn, but the pattern is arranged slightly differently. I’ll make these again and again and again. I think it might be the picot edging!!

All the other knitting is just waiting to be finished and like a good girl, I had have every intention of doing just that. That was until I read the July 5th entry on Yarn Harlot

Looks like I’ve joined the Mystery Stole 3 Knitalong

I have plenty in the stash that could be used for this and at the moment, I’m veering towards the JaggerSpun Zephyr that I picked up from Angel Yarns or the one that I got in the Summer Secret Santa from Linda (aka ygymraes)
Unfortunately, I only have a skein of each, so taht might be a bit tricksy.

I have some gorgeous hand-dyed laceweight from Cairi’s Etsy Shop, Middle Earth Yarns in red and maroon and I also have loads of KSH.. I think the KSH is out though. I have other plans for that. I also have some Celcilia Cobweb laceweight from Posh Yarns… the choice may be the downfall of this project!!

Tonight I will probably swatch and see which I like best.. wish me luck!!

And last but not least, I had a little bit of money put aside that I used to buy this:

LL Sport

I have been ogling this for as long as I can remember. More sock wool, this time Lorna’s Laces Shepard Sport. It is so, so, so soft.. I’m in love. I’m marrying this yarn! 😀

No idea what I’m going to make with it yet, it may even be socks!! 🙂


6 thoughts on “Bits and Lace Stole

  1. LOL! And what does Ollie think about about you threatening to marry yarn? You are too funny!

    Yippee! I’m glad to see you joined the Mystery Stole KAL too!

  2. Ooh, very cute little socksie!! I have lots of baby knitting to do soon (for a friend & my SIL), so I’ll be checking that pattern out.

    Good luck choosing a yarn for MS3. I don’t think I have just the right thing in my stash, so although I’ve signed up, I’m holding off on starting it right now. Can’t wait to see what you choose!

    And the sock yarn looks really lovely. Yummy!

  3. aweeeee cute sockies Kai…. must check that pattern out. Your mystery stole is looking great too…. you’re sooo clever.. I’m a VERY novice lace knitter …don’t think I could do it!

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