Thursday Goodies..

Seeing as I haven’t blogged in a while, I thought I should have a stash-dive and pick a new project.

Before I talk about that and give you some piccies, let’s have a quick chat about the projects I haven’t finished.

I started M’s Wicked a few days ago and having made it once already, the re-run is taking a little longer. I’ve divided up for the arms and am wowrking the body up to the shaping. It’s exactly the same as the last one, using the same yarn (Rowan Calmer) in the same colour.

Then there’s Anupa’s Knee-High socks. I’m still stuck on these. I’ll sort it out soon, just not yet.

How about Ollie’s Sailor Rib Socks. Still on the first one and I’m on the foot finally. Just another inch and I can work the toes. Why is this sock taking forever? I think it’s the Cygnet yarn I’m using. I’ll not be using it again. It’s too harsh on my hands, and I’m not enjoying using it. Ah well. You learn.

Then there’s the Shoulder Shawl from VLT. This is finished in terms of the actual body of the shawl. I have the border to do. I have never done a lacey shawly thingy and I most definitely have never done a border for a lacey shawly thingy. I’ve started it and it looks like I think it should and it’s being added to the body, but I’m kniitting every row, until it says perl and I’m not sure that’s right… I had the same uneasy feeling when I started the body and that worked out right, so I’m ignoring the feeling. For now.

I haven’t worked on the Silk Corset for a while. I’ve not lost interest, I’ve just come to joining the third ball of yarn and I’m dreading it. I used the Russian Join to add the second ball and I thought it was fine, but looking at it knitted up, I don’t like it. At all. It’s bumpy and uneven and it looks a complete mess. To me at least. I’ll come back to it soon, when I find a join that either works better or I can do the russian join better. I’ve used the join in the first & second Wicked and the Rusted Root.. so it’s not like I haven’t practice.

The Urban Cardi is sat all alone in the knitting basket. I’ll come back to it. Promise.

The Blankie.. ah the Blankie. This will never be finished. Never. This is one of those projects that I will not finish. Why? No idea. I just know I won’t finish it.

Now onto the juicy part of this post.

My stash dive revealed this:

Lacey goodness

From the lovely Kate I got this earlier in the year for a B’Day pressie and stroked it for a LONG while, before putting it away. Now I never forgot about it, I just need a project to come along and entice me into using it.

This is the lovely stuff all wound up:

Lace wound up

Now this is the bit where I ask for clues. I have the yarn, but no idea what to make. At the beginning of the post I thought I had a pattern. I’ve looked again and I’m not liking it as much as before. So, I’m looking to you guys to suggest projects. I have 1 ball of this and it has 300 metres to it… help!


7 thoughts on “Thursday Goodies..

  1. The yarn looks gorgeous, what weight is it? I thought of the Myrtle shawl (made scarf size) from VLT? You have lots on the go, I think that I need to cast on more too!!

  2. It’s the lovely Pansy laceweight merino, isn’t it? I have the same problem with mine. It’s so lovely and squishy and gorgeous that it needs a special project.

    So if you do find a suitable project, let me know! 😉

  3. Beautiful yarn – have no ideas. Sorry.

    You were saying the blanket will never be finished. Is that Ollie’s peaches and cream blanket? Your chart on the side seems to say it’s 95% done. Not long to go now.

    I’m having trouble with socks too. And I love socks.

  4. Yum! I LOVE the yarn! I can’t think of what to make with it, other than a wide lacey scarf…..or just fondling the softness and ogling the gorgeous colors! I’m very interested in seeing what you finally decide to make with it.

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