Knitting in the Mistry Household is progressing quite well. As you can see from my WIP list on the side, I’ve added more projects to work on. Unfortunately, I have added only. There has been replacements for the finished Wicked and Rusted Root, but there have been additions that are not replacements. If you see what I mean!

Enough rambling.

The Shoulder Shawl is now on it’s 11th repeat, out of 15, but I don’t think it’s going to be big enough. I will probably add as many repeats as I can before I run out of yarn.

The Sailor Socks are coming along slowly. I’m not enjoying the Cygnet yarn at all. It feels a little too rough for my ickle hands!

Anupa’s socks are still on hold. I really must rethink the whole heel and make it sit right. Soon. Honest.

Ollie’s Cardi is still there, I just need to sit down on a rainy day and plug on with it. It’s not like I wasn’t enjoying it. *rolls eyes*

The Silk Corset is coming along bootifully. I’m loving the yarn and feeling it sliding over my fingers. I’ve moved it off the straight Lantern Moons and on to my Denise Circulars and that seems to be working fine. It just means that I get to try it on every now and then to make sure it fits right. I had a panic about it the other day when I put it on and thought it wouldn’t close over me bust. It does at a stretch. But if you look at the picture on the pattern, it looks the same, so I’m not stressing. If it doesn’t fit when finished, well then I have tree younger sisters and any one of them should be able to wear it!! Comfortably! 🙂

The Afghan/Blankie is still on hold.  No comments on this please.

And the reason for this post is the new addition to my WIP list.  The Multicoloured socks:

Purple & Blues

and the other side:

Yellow & Pinks

Ver, very bright…. and I have no idea what I think of it so far. 😀


9 thoughts on “Socks..

  1. I love the way those colours are working up in the socks….also curious to see if they will continue like that, or get thrown off by the heel….

    We’ll have to see some more piccies of your other WIPs soon, too! 😉 Sounds like you have enough projects going that you can always find one to suit your mood….that’s a good thing!

  2. There’s nothing like having tons of projects so you wan work on whatever….right now, I’m in a “mindless knitting” mode – I’m visiting my folks and my sister and all 3 nieces are here as well, so it’s quite a full house! The sock yarn looks fabulous….what yarn is it?

  3. That sock’s gorgeous! 🙂 What’s the yummy yarn?

    Hmm… I can’t see that you’ve done the random facts facts meme. So, consider yourself tagged! 🙂 If I’ve missed it, I’m sorry; if you don’t feel like doing it, that’s okay too. You might not have time with all those WIPs on the go! 😉

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