Surprises and Lace

Well, this week has been pretty good in the gifts department.. 🙂

I was in London on Thursday at a conference, for work and came home to two lovely gifts. One I can’t really talk about, but the other was a lovely, lovely gift from my Angel Yarns Secret Santa:

Beach bag

And the contents:

SS Gifts

There is a lovely red beach bag – so me!

Then there is a book for the beach – Friday Night Knitting Clubb by Kate Jacobs – I’m reading this now. 🙂

A pair of Brittany Birch 4mm needles

A pattern for three scarfs from Fiddlesticks

Some Fiddlesticks Jaggerspun Zephyr in Cinnabar – yummy scrummy… *drools*

And some chocolate!!!! 🙂 Nice.

And to follow the beach and summer theme, I have a lovely spinning star!! 🙂

I’m really pleased at the lovely gifts I have. Some good stalking was done!

As for the lace, well that’s the shawl that I started yesterday. It’s from VLT and is the Shoulder Shawl in Cherry Leaf pattern. This is my progress so far:


I’m liking the pattern quite a bit and it’s knitting up pretty quickly too. My only worry is the border, but that’s a way off yet, so I’ll not think about it, until I have to.


9 thoughts on “Surprises and Lace

  1. Fab pressies.

    I love the colourway you’ve chosen for your CLSS, it’s looking very pretty. And don’t worry about the border panel, it’s not that bad once you sort out which way up and which way round it should be knitted on!

    Rusted Root is looks great too. Lucky sis!

  2. Lovely SS gift–you were well stalked, I think! You do realize you’ve made us all very curious about the other secret gift! 🙂

    And your lace is looking beautiful, too!

  3. I love Rusted Root, now I want one! And I like the shawl, the leaves are showing up very well in that yarn.

    I do like the Cinnabar colour of the Jaggerspun too…I have been wanting to knit some red lace for a while now. But I have to knit from stash before I can buy any more – especially as I have just acquired some Kid Silk Haze

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