Oh.. another update!


All with the updates at the moment…  Rusted Root is very nearly finished.  I have the ribbing on one sleeve left.. That’s 3 rows.  Then the sewing in threads bits and it’s ready to go!

One problem I have noticed is the neck ribbing.  I did it the way the pattern instructs and knittedit on afterwards.  Now what I have found is that the way I’m picking up stitches is causing the ribbing to fold outwards.  It doesn’t lie flat. :(  I’m going to take another look at it tonight and decide whether I should be blocking it or not.

Other than that, this was a fun knit and I can’t wait to wear it!! 😀


5 thoughts on “Oh.. another update!

  1. Well done! *wants photo*

    Today I pulled back the toes of a baby sock four times before I got it right (I cursed the pattern but knew it was my fault, probably). Now it’s finished looks dead cute ;).

    And then I started with the spinning and the day has disappeared into some strange warp in the space time continuum…

  2. Hurrah! *also wants photo*

    Today I am mostly hunting for sock yarn. I have almost bought several different ones, but am holding out for THE YARN that will be perfect and make me squee with its perfection.

  3. Photo please, miss!

    I haven’t done my neckband yet (as I’m only about 1/3 of the way through the body), but I’m worried about that, too. I really do wish I had though to try starting with the ribbing at first, instead of thinking of it 12 rounds in! 😉 But you’re right, it’s a fun, quick knit….I’m enjoying mine. And I want to see yours. Now!

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