More SKS…

Lots of people were talking about the first Sensational Knitted Socks when I first ventured into the knitting my own socks arena.

I only decided to knit socks because it felt like the next step to take in my knitting agenda. I’d moved from crochet on to knitting and that was straight into something that was slightly lacey and also with sewing up involved. No scarfs for me. *rolls eyes*.

So, with that progression, and having knit a pair using the Opal freebie pattern and then Ollie’s first socks with the Regia pattern, I thought to myself ‘Let’s see what the big deal is with SKS’.

My copy turned up and I flicked through it and completely daunted, I put it away. Underneath some other pattern books that I’d bought. I didn’t turn to it again until it was nearly Christmas and I needed a pair of socks for my brother. I dug it out and picked a stitch pattern I thought would work and I started. I actually read the bits I was meant to and concentrated on the actual words and understanding them. It worked a treat.

Would you believe, that is the only pair I’ve knitted from SKS so far? Well it is. I’m sure I will knit more, but before I could get the chance, More Sensational Knitted Socks was announced and you could pre-order it. Well, I had to have that one too in my grubby little mitts.

This time I was definitely more interested and more open to what More SKS would present to me… I love nearly every single (solid colour) pattern in this one. I want to have a go at them. As for the coloured work.. hmm… more practice and I shall see.

On that note, I started another pair of socks, for Ollie… again 🙂 and this time it’s the Sailor’s Rib pattern and consists of 5 sts.
So far, so good. I shall put up progress piccies when I’ve made a little progress.

Wicked is still happening. I’ve had to increase the number of stitches that make up the armhole part, mainly because I was wrong on the gauge front. I don’t have gauge. I’m out by a little. Ok, it’s a little more than a little.

So I’ve adapted the pattern and decided that I should work the size up to get the size below. If that makes sense, come explain it to me. Please. (But it is working. I have tried it on, and it’s working.) 😀


5 thoughts on “More SKS…

  1. Gauge? That’s my biggest downfall…and for some reason, I’m too lazy to do a gauge swatch, so I’m forever starting something and tearing it out! (Especially socks……now that I’ve discovered that my loose knitting prevents the socks from fitting properly into shoes!) Glad your modification is working.

  2. Oh, gauge (which I even have trouble spelling!) is the downfall of the lazy (I’m one of them).

    I just cross my fingers and hope if I use the needle size it says and the yarn it says I’ll be ok! But I know I shall have to swatch if I ever sub a yarn (I try not to have to…;o).

    I did just knit a sock I can’t get over my heel though. You’d think I would learn!

  3. I like knitting socks for men. I was having this discussion with Cairi earlier today, because I said that I was trying to stop myself buying some of the new Regia yarns from AY to knit socks for Mr B! 😀 He has size 11 feet, and yet I prefer knitting socks for him over anyone. Partly because he does appreciate them and partly because I get into “the zone”, and can knit and knit and knit and they’re done! But I don’t need more sock yarn, so I must resist! But you can knit Ollie some in the Germany colourway of the new Regia Nation yarn!!

  4. Pleased to hear your Wicked is working out as a result of your mods.

    The only things I’ve knitted where gauge is important are socks, and I just cast on and start knitting. I figure it’s not worth making a tension swatch for such a small piece. If my stitches are spot on, I’ve already made a good start, and if they’re not, ripping out a couple of inches is no real hardship. 🙂 I’ve only had to do that twice so far.

  5. I have some of the regia nation german yarn!! very nice indeed 😉 Looking forward to seeing some more socks. I’ve not knit anything from more sks yet either, but still trying to decide what pattern to knit! Indecisive or what???

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