I am a sad, sad…

.. muppet. Who also suffers from stalkerish obsession.

It started in December 2006. I found on someones blogroll, an entry for Yarn Harlot.

I read the last few entries and I laughed. I cam back and read some of her next entries and I laughed again.
This laughing and enjoying triggered some kind of obsession hormone, as I found that I needed to read ALL her blog entries. Ever.

I went back to the Archives and started from the beginning and each time I came to my computer it became an almost religious undertaking. Let’s start with the next entry in the Archive.

Well, it’s paid off in that I am now completely up-to-date with the to’ings and fro’ings of the Harlot and find myself at a loose end.

What now? Will I be compelled to find another blogger of such magnitude and fortitude?

Or will I become some who is less obsessed…?


5 thoughts on “I am a sad, sad…

  1. So many blogs, so little time. By the way… love your socks, the Teal top from Cazza and I totally agree about reassigning projects. Do it all the time.

    And shall we have a squinty comp? The pic of me in my Tulip top is rotten (LOL) but I’m well chuffed with my top so that’s alright then.

  2. I did the same thing when I discovered the Harlot! πŸ˜€ I love reading blogs from the very beginning. It’s like reading a really good knitting book.

  3. I assume you’ve read her books…:o)

    Yarn Harlot was one of the first knittingblogs I ever read, I think the woman is a comic genius (as well as a knitting one).

    If you get to reading the comments on her blog and going to the commenters blogs you discover more and more excellent peeks into peoples’ lives…I go from blog to blog via blogrolls/rings it’s SO addictive (almost as addictive as stash shopping ;o).


  4. Now, *that’s* dedication! Which is the word I prefer over the more judgemental obsession. or compulsion. No, no! You have stick-to-it-iveness! πŸ˜‰

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