I decided that the projects that I have on the needles aren’t really all that exciting… , fun, creative, are great, but just not for me at the moment…

I’ve been buying patterns instead of plodding along, and have found that I want to re-assign part of my stash from the project that I originally bought it for..

So I had a bit of a stash dive and found that my Rowan Calmer (from the first AY Cake Day that I attended) was looking very forlorn and unused.. I checked the gauge and found that if I go up .5mm in the needle size, that I get the right tension.

So, I swatched on 4.5mm and 5mm and opted for the 5mm Denises.

Now you’re all saying:

“That’s great Kai, but you haven’t told us what pattern you’ve picked and swatched for..”

Well, actually, I have. Take a look at the title. 😀

Yep, it’s the ZephyrStyle Wicked pattern.

And here is my progress so far, as of last night:

Wicked 1

Closeup of the cables:

Wicked 2

A quick note on the Rowan Calmer… This is a fabulous yarn. It’s soft and quite stretchy. I love working with it at the moment. 🙂

So far, this is the best yarn that I have worked with in terms of yumminess and softness. I’ve heard that it pills with wear and wash, so I’ll report back on that if it happens. But I will definitely be working with this very yummy yarn again in the future… (especially as I should have 15 balls left in two other colours!!!)


7 thoughts on “Wicked!

  1. I love the feel of Calmer also….it’s very snuggly….and it’s not heavy like other cottons/cotton blends. I can’t wait to see it when it’s finished – I really like the twisty cables!

  2. From what I’ve gathered with Calmer, you have to be careful with what you wash it with. Like stuff that you’d use for delicates.

    It’s a lovely yarn, I’ve been knitting with it. If only they had more colours and the yarn was a bit cheaper!

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