Ta Da…!

I was right!

I said I would finish Cairi’s Sweetheart Socks before the long weekend was over… and I have! 😀

Another Project to add to the list of finished items… I’m really, really pleased with these. Like I said before, the pattern is so, so easy to follow because it’s so clearly written. The charts are fantastic and so easy to read and understand.

I really enjoyed this project and would absolutely recommend it to anyone and everyone. 😀

The pattern is from Bronte (Kate) and can be found here

And to please the eye:

Cairi's Socks

And here is a side view:

Cairi Side

Oh, and because I’m loving this so much:

Cairi Heels


Yarn: Cherry Tree Hill Supersock – 100% merino in Wild Cherry
Pattern: Bronte’s ‘Cairi’s Sweetheart Socks’
Needles: 2.5mm Clover DPN’s

On to the next project…… 🙂


4 thoughts on “Ta Da…!

  1. OK….so now I’ve yet ANOTHER project that I want to do….quit tempting me! I have too many things “in progress” right now…..but then again, I just might be tempted by these socks…..I have the perfect yarn for them……and socks knit up sooooo quickly…….hmmm (off to rummage through stash…..)

  2. You’ve put me to shame! I started on these several weeks ago and I just on the first leg repeat of the 2nd sock! (my justification being that my Ivy has progress nicely over the last week or 2, though.)

    You’re right, I do like the pattern a lot, though, and yours look just lovely. Well done!

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