Socks seem to be the easiest thing to pick up and work one and then put down. Having finished Ollie’s socks, I decided that I needed to work on either one of the Cookie A patterns which I purchased, or Bronte’s Cairi’s Sweetheart Socks pattern.

I chose the later and had a moment of crisis when I realised I dodn’t have the right needle size. That was not a good situ. *shakes head*.

I decided to carry on anyway and pick the yarn for the project. The Cherry Tree Hill in my sock yarn stash caught my eye and I thought that it matched the name of the pattern perfectly. So, I swatched on the needles that I did have.

2mm – no match
2.5mm – no match


Trying really hard to get either sets of these to work, I tried the 2mm again… and to be honest, they felt very fragile in my hands with the CTH. So I tried the 2.5mm again.. but rather than swatching, I started knitting…

I know, I know.. but I’m impatient and don’t have the brain power to keep swatching. It’s a flaw. I’m working on it. Be glad I at least TRIED to swatch.

Anyway.. I joined the round and started the ribbing and it looked far too big. Too gappy. 😦

I posted on the AY forum for some help and the lovely Fiona came back with some fab advice.. oh and many corrections (my math is very, very bad).

I carried on, on the 2.5mm DPN’s and it all seemed to fall into place..

Here are the results! This was finished very late last night:

Sweetheart sock

And on my foot:

Hearts on foot

And finally (cos I’m a happy snappy person) a closeup of the pattern:

Hearts Closeup

Yarn: Cherry Tree Hill Supersock – 100% merino in Wild Cherry
Pattern: Bronte’s ‘Cairi’s Sweetheart Socks’
Needles: 2.5mm Clover DPN’s

The only thing I did differently was add another pattern repeat on the leg and make the foot shorter, as I have midget feet. 🙂

What I do want to say about this pattern is that it is absolutely fabulously written. It’s clear and concise. The charts are very easy to follow and before you know it you’ve finished a sock. 😀 I wish more patterns were like this. Oh, and there are no errors.

Now I have to cast on the second of the pair and hopefully (if I have jinxed myself) I should have it done before the weekend is up!!

Another post to come after we’ve been out to the Guitar shop.. (Ollie… *rolls eyes*)


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