For the love of Teal…

Cairi has set up a ZephrStyle KAL and started work on a Green Gable…

As it was turning out a little too big for her, I volunteered to take it off her hands in exchange for the same amount of yarn that she purchased to make it.

It turned up this morning in the post!!


Apologies for the squinty look and the creases… I was facing the sun and have been wearing this since it turned up..!

Here is the back/side:

GG Side

And a closeup of the lace:

GG Lace

I’m am so pleased with this that I don’t think I’m ever going to take it off….


9 thoughts on “For the love of Teal…

  1. It looks gorgeous on you! I can see why you’re not ever going to take it off 🙂

    What was the yarn again? I forget. It makes me really want to start knitting with the pile of Cathay I brought home on Thursday! Mmmmm… summer tops!

  2. That top looks lovely on you, what a good idea to do an exchange. I love your Cairi’s Sweetheart socks, too, beautiful colour and I do like the pattern.

  3. Kai, that looks great on you. What a great job Cairi did! I have the yarn for this in my KnitPicks shopping basket, to be purchased this week–but I won’t get my hands on it for over a month (when I go home to the US!). I have lots to do in the meantime…but this looks like such a great knit, I want to get going on it!

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