A welcome surprise..

… I walked into work yesterday, after lunch having been in a meeting and then down the pub and one of the ladies said:

‘I have something in the boot of my car that you might be interested in. Remind me to show you later.’

Now, I’m not one to get all unnecessarily excited about things, so I sat there, stared for a second or two longer than is polite and then nodded my head… My colleague walked away with a small smile on her face…

I spent the rest of the day caught up in work stuff, but on the few occassions that I remembered this little episode, I fell to wondering what on earth could be in the boot of the car that might interest me…

If you’ve watched Goodness Gracious Me you will understand that being of Indian descent, this kind of talk has me worrying. All Indians know an ‘Uncle’ that can get you somethig ‘For cheap’…

Anyway, I packed up my things at 5:30 and my colleague said, ‘Give me a shout when you’re about to leave’.

Being polite, I thought to myself, I’ll take a look and just say, Thank you, but I’m not interested. So I let her know I was ready to leave and we proceeded down to her car.

She opened the boot.

There were Sainbury’s plastic bags in there.

She reached in and pulled out….


And inside the binder were some of the oldest knitting patterns I have ever seen. They’re brown binders, with a gold picture inlay. On the binder edge is a ball of yarn with needles through it and the yarn spills across the front of the binder. I have four of these babies!!

I thanked her profusely and then whisked them away as fast as possible and bundled them into my car, before she could change her mind!!

Once home, I spent part of the evening poring through them to see what they contained and I am immensely impressed. It has abbreviations and term for knitting in oter languages, like German, French, Spanish, Italian… It has sections on the history of knitting in places like Scandinavia and the UK and Ireland. There is so much that is contained in these four binders… Techniques, patterns, and snippets of information.. fabulous!

I’m trying to figure out who produced them and under what title they will have been collected.

I’ll post a piccie tonight when I get in.. but I’m pleased!

On the knitting front.. I am plodding along.. Still not excited… I have nearly finished Ollie’s second sock so hopefully, the next project might help.. once I’ve decided what it should be!! ๐Ÿ™‚

AND… as a treat to myself, I have purchased a swift and a ball winder from Ebay. So there.

UPDATE:ร‚ย  I did a search on Google and it looks like the publisher/distributer was Odhams and they published an Encyclopedia of Knitting around 50 years ago.ร‚ย  They were collectible sections and some are for patterns and some techniques and others just general info.


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