Ohh.. Socksies!!


As the title suggests, this is all about socks.

I have been struggling these last few weeks with the projects that I’ve had on the go and nothing has really inspired me 😦 So I’ve been trawling the books and the patterns to see if anything catches my eye and in the first instance there have been loads of patterns that I’ve thought ‘Hmm.. yes, that appeals’ and I’ve put them into a pile. Second pass through and none, yes none, have jumped at me and said ‘Make me, make me’. Actually that’s a fib, they’ve all shouted that, I just haven’t felt it.

So, after a few disastrous attempts like this, I resorted to playing with the yarn and seeing if that spoke to me. Nope. They’re all beautiful and yes, I want to knit all of them. Just not now.

My final attempt at trying to bring back my mojo, I spent some money on patterns. Socks.


The More Sensational Knitted Socks by Charlene Schurch turned up this morning and the patterns from Cookie A I bought as soon as they became available. The last (and the one I want to knit the most) is Kate’s pattern called Cairi’s SweetHeart Socks (it’s free and fabulous). I know both these Gals and they’re great designers and inspirers…

So… having posted about patterns and socks, do you think I have my mojo back? I’ll report back after the weekend. Keep your fingers crossed for me please! 🙂


6 thoughts on “Ohh.. Socksies!!

  1. Oh….I’m soooo jealous! I haven’t found the sock book on line here yet….everywhere I checked last week had it on pre-order! Is it as good as her “Sensational Socks Book”?

  2. what a pain about frogging the knee highs. Some nice patterns you have there. 😉 I too gave into the lure of more SKS, although I have to admit, the first one never inspired me!!! Good luck with your next sock project. 😀

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