Knee Highs…

… As most of you probably know (from the sidebar), one of my MANY WIP’s is Anupa’s Knee High Socks from Beads, Buttons & Lace

I actually don’t have the book and have been working the pattern from Knit Today….

The pattern is a little odd, in terms that it asks for you to break off the yarn at the end of each major stage, so you do the picot edge at the top (although, the actual joining for the picot is not even covered in the Knit Today version of the pattern), then you work the lace pattern until you hit the heel shaping. You have to break the yarn at that point… shuffle some sts around and then join the yarn again and knit the (holey) heel.. and then break the yarn again and suffle sts around again and then carry on with the pattern on a panel of 21 sts.

This would all work if I didn’t find that my panel of 21 sts isn’t actually in the middle and is slightly askew.

I undid the heel and read through the pattern again and thought I had it right and did it again… WRONG.


I have to frog the second attempt at the heel placing and see if I can work a way to make sure that the panel sits in the right 21 sts!!!!!

I’ve put it aside for now, as it really isn’t hitting my mojo in any way at all at the moment. M says that she’s getting the book at some point soon.. so until I can actually check the pattern in the book and make sure that Knit Today have got it right, this is going to sit in a corner and be very quiet.

BTW, I did check for errata on both the book and the Knit Today version and couldn’t find anything…

I don’t think I’m liking knitting at the moment… 😦


4 thoughts on “Knee Highs…

  1. Boo! There is nothing worse than a badly written pattern that isn’t clear or has mistakes in it. Especially when the end result is so tempting. Hope you can get it sorted.

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