Spectacular Sunday…

This weekend has been pretty chilled after a very stressful week at work… thankfully!

We pottered around on the Saturday, did a bit of food shopping, nothing exciting and then Sunday was a very early start to pick my Sis and then head down to Brighton.

The Dawsons invited Bronte, some of the other mods and I down for the two Feb birthdays (mine and Bronte’s) but it never quite happened due that nasty bug that’s been going round. Poor little Lilly was the last to get it and obviously the last to recover from it. Having been pushed back, we made it down yesterday.

It was fabulous to catch up with Kate (Bronte) and the Dawsons and Kate brought along her two little ones and Marcus (OH)… we had a great time, chatting and gossiping and catching up and also yarn shopping… Here are the goodies from Tess:


It was great to be able to drag out my Birthday for a whole month after the date!!!! Yay!

I am so chuffed.. there is Lucretia Borgia in Wine Heather, Alpaca Hummingbird in Pheasant and some Lucy Neatby in some very stunning colours! Also a box of choccies (yum, yum) and some needles and dpn holders.. These are absolutely fabulous.

I also picked up the following:

My stuff

There’s some AY Seraph and AY Silk for dying… have to give it a go sometime!!! 🙂 and then the big pack or Bergere is for a jumper for Ollie’s mum and the Pony Circ is for some shawl knitting. The addi is too blunt at the moment.. 😦 The Zephyr is a treat for me, from me!!! 🙂 I’ve been stroking it.. a lot. There’s also a pin cushion there as well… cool idea!

My sis bought some stuff as well 🙂 She’s hooked big time!

All in all a wonderfully, fabuolous day spent with some of the nicest people I know. Couldn’t have asked for more.


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