Lovely Lace….

I’ve had a hankering for some proper lace for a long time now. But the problem has been that I can’t really (or shouldn’t) buy anything more for the stash. That’s where it will end up until I can come up with a decent project.

So bearing this in mind, I have not bought any lace weight. Ever.

Then I got Bronte’s pressie for my Birthday and it’s gorgeous and I blame that for leading me astray!!!! 🙂

I caved a couple of weekends ago and decided that I should at least drool over some yarn.. My sis was across for the weekend and saw me drooling at some on AY…. she was very encouraging!

There was some gorgeous emerald stuff on Posh Yarns, but I haven’t bought from there since being part of the first sock club. I was a bit skeptical.

Anyway, with a bit of persuasion from Ollie and M, I placed an order and it came through a few days later. (Ollie is actually paying for this…!)

I stared at it for a long time and touched it and thought “This is a stunning colour, but it’s not as soft as my Artisan stuff”.
Well I started to wind it up night before last, and I thought to myself, it’ll be done in an hour or so. It wasn’t. It’s long. Very long. It took me 2 hours night before last and then from 7 till just after 10 last night to wind it all up.  Just to note as well, it is actually a lot softer than I first thought, but my fingers are tired from all that winding…

Manually. I do not have a ball winder or a swift.

Here is a piccie of my makeshift swift:

Makeshift Swift

And this is a closeup of the lace itself:

Lace closeup

I was knackered. I now know that I desparately need a swift and ball winder.

This is the end product:


One thing to note, after I’d acquired this, I noticed that Cairi had something very similar and that looked a little brighter in her Etsy shop. *sigh* Typical.

No worries, I have something even more lovely in mind for Cairi to dye up… so watch this space.

Now I have to peruse VLT to see if something jumps out at me for this emerald shade of lace….


6 thoughts on “Lovely Lace….

  1. Winding up laceweight certainly is interesting! I usually settle down for the evening with a skein and a good film that I’ve seen before 🙂

  2. I too need a ball winder…I am currently avoiding loads of winding for the Rowan ‘Tibetan’ jumper I want to make – the yarn is there, I have a swift, I knit socks instead – you must have lots of patience!

  3. It’s a lovely green, but I’m going to be biased as say that the stuff Cairi dyed for me is nicer. 😉 I think your yarn would make a lovely leafy shawl. 😀

  4. That yarn is really lovely, good for you for persisting with your winding. I have a ball winder but no swift, and things sometimes go quite slowly. (Actually, I have a swift in the mail to me right now. Yay! There is some Posh sock yarn waiting to be wound when it arrives….) I admire your patience in winding all that yarn with no swift AND no winder!

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