Ivy Finished… and a little something extra

Finally, Ivy is finished! Yay!

I decided to take my time with the actual sewing up because Ivy deserved all the time and patience that it would take to be perfect.

I finished the neck band mid-week, took a little break and then last night set in one of the sleeves. This morning I set in the second sleeve. The sides were next and then the ties. I actually think the ties are a little too long, but here it is:

Ivy Front:

Ivy Front

Ivy Closeup:

Ivy Closeup

Ivy Back:

Ivy Back

Yarn: Wendy Nirvana in Pink
Pattern: Ivy from Knitty
Needles: 3.25mm Brittany Birch

In the time taken as breaks while re-doing Ivy’s sleeves and the sewing up, I started the Aran Urban Cardigan for Ollie as mentioned before….

This was the progress mid-week:

UAC Progress

And this is the closeup:

UAC Closeup

I love it so far.. and I’ve made just a little more progress on it. 🙂

Ollie thinks it’s great as well.


11 thoughts on “Ivy Finished… and a little something extra

  1. Kai, your Ivy is fabulous and you look lovely in it. It was worth all the grief shortening the sleeves I think, they are just right – but well done for not giving up at that point! The ties are long aren’t they, but I think that is a nice part of the design.

    It is just great! Beautiful yarn and colour.
    And I’m very envious of your secret santa parcel too!

  2. Kai, your Ivy looks amazing! Really pretty colour, looks great on your–and you did a beautiful job with the knitting & sewing up. Very inspirational, and it reminds me that I need to get going with mine. 🙂

    I love the pattern on Ollie’s cardigan as well, too. Great job!

  3. The Ivy is absolutely gorgeous! You did a fabulous job – the finishing looks very professional! (I think I’ll send you all my projects to stitch together….LOL)

  4. I was trying to decide whether or not to knit Ivy, and did a Google Blog search for it. When I saw your Ivy, I had to comment. It’s gorgeous! The yarn looks so luminous. You definitely made me want to knit it. Lovely job!

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