Weekend Saga

.. It’s been one of those weeks. I don’t think a single thing has actually gone right..

The beginning of the week started ok, but I had an exam on Friday and was told that I would have to study in the office rather than at home. The day of the exam dawned and I still didn’t feel confident enough. I had to go into the office in the morning and then make my way across to Swindon for the exam.

If you’ve been to Swindon, you will understand when I say that I DO NOT LIKE THE PLACE AT ALL.

Anyway, I didn’t pass and now I have to sit down with my Manager and ‘talk’ through what the exam contained. *sigh*

I picked up my sister after the exam and brought her back to ours as we were supposed to be going to Brighton on Sunday. Unfortunately, that was cancelled.. not an issue, we’ve re-scheduled, but I so needed some retail therapy this weekend.. YARN!!! LOTS OF IT, PLEASE!!!

I finished the right front panel on the Ivy and I was so, so, so pleased that I decided to block all the pieces that I’d finished. So that’s what I did and then I got my sis to help me pin it out. This would normally be a good thing, if she hadn’t been so damned pernickty noticed that the sleeves are too long. Really. They’re BOTH too long. 😥

I didn’t have the heart to face re-doing them, so I have got as far as frogging one sleeve back to the bit before I made them too long and I will have to do the same to the other one, but not now…. later… later, I promise.

In the meantime, I cast on for The Urban Aran Cardigan from Paton’s Street Smart. It’s actually a jumper for women, but I’m going to adapt it and make it into a cardi for Ollie. Check this one out from BrooklynTweed. So funky.

Once again, as karma would have it, I started on the larger sized needles and finished the ribbing before I realised I was supposed to have used the smaller size. Also, I’d cast on for the wrong size. Frog, frog, frog. I gave up at that point and went to bed.

This morning I woke up all refreshed and ready for any challenge, so cast on again, with the right needles and would you believe, the right number of stitches!! So far so good. I have worked out how the panels are to be knitted into the pattern and, touch wood, so far, so good… I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

Tomorrow, I shall tackle the Ivy sleeves. Karma, please be with me.


9 thoughts on “Weekend Saga

  1. Oh no, not you frogging as well. I unpicked all of my norah gaughan sweater too!!!

    What a pain about the exam. The jumper for Ollie sounds fab, I too have that book and it’s a really nice pattern 😉

  2. Poor sausage. 😦 We will get our fill of yarn soon enough, though! And you now have some extra time to sort out that pesky Ivy. If it doesn’t start to behave itself, I will have to give it a good talking to!

  3. The biggest nightmare (other than frogging all that work) must be studying for an exam In The Office. I couldn’t bear it…I suggest you have a nice rock and do something calming in garter stitch.

  4. Sorry to read of your troubles, hope you can overcome them and move on very soon. I cannnot knit when I’m tired at all, even if I want to, I have to stop myself as it always causes more trouble than it’s worth. Sometimes it is best just to sit back and have a glass of wine instead 😉

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