Rock, rock, rocking away…..


This is a fantastic, no fantabulous, no no great… ok, so I can’t describe how darned brilliant this is.. 😀

If you think back a little, in my birthday post, I mentioned that Ollie had bought me a rocking chair. Well today they delivered it! Yay!

Here it is in all it’s glory:

rocking chair

I’ve sat in it, moved it around, admired it from afar.. it’s beautiful. *sigh*

I have to make space for it somewhere in the living room, but at the moment, it’s staying in my line of vision… 😀
Tomorrow I shall place it somewhere more convenient. Today I will just admire it…


6 thoughts on “Rock, rock, rocking away…..

  1. What a great chair….that reminds me of the chair my mom used to have when we were kids. I always sorta counted on her passing it down to me one day….but now that I think of it, I didn’t see it last time I was at her house! Might need to check on that! 🙂 But that looks so beautiful….enjoy!

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