The day before…

It’s been a busy day! We had a bit of a lay-in this morning, which is fantastic. I actually slept the whole night through, which I haven’t done for a while. Put it down to the Nytol…!

Once we were up, there was freshly brewed coffee and some chitter-chatter. My sister is over this weekend as it is my Birthday.

We had to do some stuff in town, so I bundled up and off we went. We did the food shop and then made our way to the Pine place. Unfortuntely, they didn’t have any rocking chairs to hand, but I know what I want as I’d seen some at the same place during summer. We placed the order and I have a 3-5 week wait!!! 🙂

All that’s left is to rearrange the living room now so that we can fit it in and I can rock and knit!! Such a cool chick, me!

For dinner tonight we’re having lobster and crab with risotto!!! 🙂

We started the evening with Stawberries and Champagne now known as Strawberry Supernova (I’ll put a recipe up in the recipe section, when it’s up)

A few piccies to tide you over:


A closeup:


And a photo of what we did once the champagne and sugar had time to soak into the strawberries:


And a gratuitous one of Ollie enjoying his Strawberry Supernova and a champagne soaked strawberry:


Here’s a piccie of the lobster and crab:

L & C in a pot

I’m now off to enjoy my lobster and crab and risotto…. 🙂 With a merlot from San Francisco.. better be good…


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