It starts today….

… I normally hate the run up to my birthday and therefore try not to talk about it too much. The only exception was last year when Ollie and I spent it in Venice on a long weekend!! We were ripped off by the locals, but found some lovely little boutiques and restaurants for evening meals… 😀

This year, we are staying here in sunny England as neither of us is up to travelling away from home.

Today is the start of the celebrations. I have half day from work and Ollie and I are off into London to go see Ray LaMontagne in concert. It’s at the Hammersmith, so it shouldn’t take long to get there… need to make sure I pack something small that I can knit while we’re travelling and a camera to make sure I get some good shots of the artist himself.

Having added that link in, I can now see that Ray actually has another album released. I shall have to purchase that at some point soon. Shame I missed it before the concert.. ah well!!

I’m excited! 🙂 But I’m not looking forward to going into London. I normally don’t like London on my better days, so suffering from a cold isn’t going to make this trip nice. But the concert should be good!! Yay!


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