Ivy Update..

Now that Meera’s blanket has finally been finished, I have the chance to move onto the next project I have on the needles.. Ivy

As I think I’ve mentioned before, I have been working on this since around October. I completed the back in November, I think (being the most organised and practical person on the planet *rolls eyes*, I didn’t actually make a note of when I finished it).

I decided to start on a sleeve, because when I read through the instructions for the front panels and decided there was no way I was clever enough, or brave (substitute stupid, if you like) to give this a go without first understanding it.

Well, I finished the sleeve today and most of it was knitted in the last two days. Piccie for your pleasure:

Ivy update

Now seeing as I don’t think I’ve actually taken a piccie of the finished back, I decided it deserved it’s moment of glory too, as well as the sleeve, so I’ve taken a picture of the two together.

I’m chuffed so far.

I think I have to tackle the front panels now.. but before I do ( 🙂 ) I thought I’d do one of the ties first.

The idea is to split up the different parts of the project so that I don’t get bored. So now it’s the first of two ties, then a front panel, then the second sleeve, then another tie and then finally the second front panel… see what I did there?! 😀

Will keep you updated as to progress….


5 thoughts on “Ivy Update..

  1. That’s a cunning plan Kai! I think it might just work…
    Thanks for your comment on my socks – I remember your sister’s Hedera socks, they are what inspired me to try Hedera in that yarn. I think the pattern looks good with a variegated yarn, which is not true of all lace. It’s not a very difficult pattern so far, either.

  2. Your Ivy is gorgeous. 😀 I am very tempted to knit one and ignore the pile of 4ply yarn in my stash waiting to be knit into a different wrap around cardigan..!

    I forgot – what yarn are you using? It’s a lovely colour.

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