First FO of 2007!!

Well, I’ve finally finished something!

I started late last year and then got sidetracked with Christmas Knitting… Now if I haven’t already said, getting back into knitting after all that speed knitting has really, really been difficult. Every project I have on the needles has felt like a chore and I’ve not been enthusiastic about any of them…

So much so, that I’ve been eyeing up other patterns, even to the extent where I have purchased said patterns (Corset, VLT and Urban Aran Cardigan). But I’ve been very disciplined and just stroked the patterns and collected yarn for them, but not actually cast on for them. I have RESISTED!

And to reward me for this show of extreme courage and bravery in the ever evolving world of yarn changes and pattern enhancements, I have finally finished little Meera’s stunning blanket (even if I do say so myself!)

Here it is in all it’s glory:

Meera's Blanket

Then a piccie of a lacey closeup:

Closeup of Blanket

And now the centre piece:

Centre piece

Yarn: Baby Soft Acrylic – White, Artesano Alpaca Inca Cloud – Purple
Pattern: From a lovely lady on the AY Forum
Needles: 3.75mm Lantern Moon STraights and 4mm Crochet Hook for Border

I changed the pattern after deciding that the border was too fussy and I didn’t think the blanket needed it. Oh, and the fact that I just wanted it finished now and clouldn’t be bothered with all the sewing I would have to do on top of putting all the pieces together.

I like the crochet border (Ollie’s idea) and the contrasting purple (once again Ollie’s idea) 🙂


5 thoughts on “First FO of 2007!!

  1. The blanket is so pretty. I’m sure Meera will love it 😉

    The Urban Aran Cardy is a fab pattern (although I think I’ve had my fill of cable patterns for a wee while!!)

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