My Stash…

has outgrown me by far.

I have spent all day cleaning up the living room and moving all my stash upstairs to what is now the ‘craft-room’.

In the process, I have been able to catalogue all of my stash and put it into a spreadsheet. I don’t have projects for a LOT of the yarn, but at least I now have it written out to be able to allocate it accordingly.

Stash 1

BTW, I’ve just realised, I have missed off some Aran that I have, so imagine another 4x400g of those… *sigh* I have to go knit really quickly to get through some of this. Wish me luck!!!!! 🙂

Stash 2

Stash 3

You will probably now understand why I am on a stash diet. Like forever.

Oh and before I go, here is my sock yarn, which I photographed separately:

Sock Stash


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