So cute!

I finally got to meet my new little cousin, while we were at home for Christmas. And now you get to meet her too:


Her name is Meera and she is an absolute darling. As you can see in the picture, she’s wearing the woolly hat that I made her!! 😀

Here she is again:

Wide awake!

And a couple of me holding her…

Me and Meera

Me and Meera Take 2

She slept for a lot of the time that I was holding her.. but it was perfect. She smiled in her sleep a couple of times and she smelt so cute and cuddly.

Babies have this pure smell (I’m not talking about the stinky nappies) and they are absolutely gorgeous, especially Meera.

It was pretty hard handing her back to my aunty…


5 thoughts on “So cute!

  1. Meera looks really cute and content. Babies are great when they’re asleep, then they wake up and scream!!!

    Sounds like you had a good christmas, happy new year for tomorrow. I got my camera btw, I went for a digital canon powershot a640 and it’s great 😉 When DH looked at the nikons online, he wasn’t overly impressed by the choice, and he says mine does everything an slr does and more. Not sure about the instruction booklet, it’s over 400 pages long – eeeeek

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