More Christmas Gifts!!

This Christmas knitting is turning into a bit of a surreal experience. It’s like when you’re having a weird dream; you’re very late getting to [somewhere] (insert as appropriate) and find that your car won’t start, leaving you with getting on the bus. You make your way to the bus-stop and just as you come round the corner, you notice that the bus is already there and you have to run… you run and run and run and the bus pulls away and even thought you never get anywhere near it, the bus pulls no further away. It’s the same distance between the two of you, for ages and ages.

That’s what’s happening here. I am knitting and crocheting and nothing is happening. Every time I finish an item, I remember another two that need to be made.

This is my first Christmas making homemade, hand knitted gifts and even though I am chuffed to bits being able to do this, I’m just not sure whether I can do the same thing next year, or even the year after.. or like ever…

I really need to contemplate this… hmm..

In the meantime, have a look at the scarfs I’ve made for two of my sisters:

Pink & Brown

And a closeup:

P & B Closeup

Yarn: King Cole Monte Carlo
Pattern: Adapted from Erika Knights Essential Crochet
Needles: 6mm Crochet Hook

Both of these were made up in the last day. I have tennis elbow now and it’s darned painful. I have been ordered to not do any knitting or crocheting for a while. Like all of today. Maybe. This was on strict order from Ollie. I’m still contemplating whether I should actually listen to him. I have more to make!!! Grrr…

On a different note, but still related to Christmas, this is Ollie’s Present from me:

Ollie's Guitar

Nice huh! 🙂 This isn’t the only thing he’s getting… he has to have stuff to open on Christmas day… 😀


One thought on “More Christmas Gifts!!

  1. you have been busy, I like fluffy scarves. I hope Ollie is pleased with his guitar. I hope you’re getting a lovely present in return from him 😉 And I like your dad’s scarf too, my DH would wear it!!

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