Another one bites the dust..

I have just finished another Christmas Present and I am happy. You might be able to tell from the tone of my post, but believe me, when I finished said item last night at 10.30, I was very closing to dancing.

Thankfully it was raining outside and I wasn’t dressed for the weather so there was no dancing (or singing) in the rain.

I know, I know, Indians are notorious for wearing sari’s that become very see-through in the rain and enjoy dancing round trees while singing to each other (Bollywood, for those of you not in the know, is well known for it’s love scenes and hinting at sex, rather than showing kissing and intimacy). This Indian is not likely to ever be seen doing any of the above. Ever.

Back to the actual reason for posting, I finished another item!! Yay!

It’s a scarf for my Dad (actually it started out as a scarf for my mum, but I think it’s too manly):

Dad's Scarf

And a closeup of the cabling etc:


Yarn: RYC Classic Soft Tweed in shade 007 – Slate Blue
Pattern: Mine own. I looked up some cables, devised a border and off I went
Needles: 8mm Straights (Surinas)

I made this from 3 x 50g balls of the soft tweed. Not too long and not too short. My dad doesn’t really wrap scarfs around his neck, he prefers to cross the ends over on his chest.. so the length of this works out perfectly.

I’m mega chuffed that I made this up myself!! Now to write it out and chart it up.. I used Cables!! 😀


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