I’ve taken to reading a number of blogs since I started my own. Some are fab and I’ve got them listed in my sidebar, but ther are some out there that are just a bit odd. We’ll not talk about those, I’m too scared!! 🙂

Over the last few months I have found that reading about other people’s knitting ventures and everyday lives has really helped me re-focus on my own knitting and also made me realise that this passion that I have is also shared by a number of people. I’m not on my own. I love posting pictures of what I’ve made and feel proud when people comment on them. I also love seeing other people’s work. It makes me want to try harder.

One of the blogs that I read belongs to Stephanie Pearl-McPhee AKA The Yarn Harlot I started reading this one a few weeks back and I’m so engrossed that I’m now reading all her archives too. Stalkerish. Definitely.

Stephanie’s website went down a couple of days ago and I have been suffering from withdrawal and it’s been pretty bad! She put up a post explaining what was happening and that if we wanted to mail her, she would definitely read, but might not get back to us…
Well I mailed. And I got a reply!! Yay!! 🙂 She didn’t say it, but she thinks I’m stalking her. I mentioned in my mail that I missed her lovely blog and that I was working my way through her archive, cos I hate not being in the know… She very politely told me that her blog would be back soon and that I could carry on reading her archives..

I hope I haven’t left a bad impression (do you think she noticed how obsessed I am? do you think she’ll block my access to her blog?) Crazy??!! Who, me? Nah! 🙂

Now don’t take this next bit to mean that I’ve given up on the Harlot’s blog (BTW, it’s back up and running now), but while it was down, I found another Blog that captured my attention… Fig and Plum

Once again, I’m reading through the archives. I know. I’m sad and demented. But I’ve picked up some great bits and pieces on making things for myself. Like Shea Butter massage blocks and homemade sugar and salt body scrubs.

I haven’t tried the recipes yet.. but the weekend is nearly here and I have plans!! 🙂


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