M’s 2nd Hedera

Not sure I mentioned it, but I’ve just changed my method of knitting in the round.

I started on DPN’s and have stuck to them for around 4 pairs of socks.. not many I know, but I think it was enough to show me that I can knit in the round.

Recently, I’ve read a lot on circulars and sock knitting. Everyone I know that knits socks uses circs. That’s great and I have my own Denises which I have used previously, but never any on socks (as the Denises don’t go down to that itty bitty size).

I tried knitting on 1 circ and it was ok. But the stitches were way too stretched. It wasn’t really all that comfortable. I think I need more stitches on the needle, or a thicker yarn. All I can say is, at least I gave it a go and it’s not completely rules out. I will try it again at some point soon.

Instead, I moved on to 2 circs instead. Firstly, I tried the 60cm and the 40cm circs together and it felt a little odd. I couldn’t get used to the dangly bits of the 60cm circ, so I changed it to the 30cm that I used in my single circ experiment. This worked for a while, before I realised that my hands were struggling for purchase on the needles of the 30cm as the 40cm was kinda getting the way.. so yesterday, I went back to using the 60cm and the 40cm together.

Keeping in mind that I have been off work the last two days with chronic back ache, this is the progress on 2 circs so far:

Hedera on circs

And a closeup of the pattern:

Hedera Closeup

Ok, admittedly this second picture is a little blurred but I promise I haven’t had anything to drink.. Honest. šŸ™‚

Mind you, Ollie has just popped out to our off-licence for a bottle of Bailey’s.. I blame the girls on the forum for talking about Bailey’s earlier in the day!!!! šŸ˜€


One thought on “M’s 2nd Hedera

  1. they are looking so nice, I daren’t try lace on a sock, I can imagine the carnage šŸ˜‰ Glad you’re now getting on with the 2 circs. I started off with 2 x 40cm, but too fiddly, then onto 2 x 60cm and finally switched onto the same as you, it’s the best way, I think.

    Hope that baileys was good, I’ve not had any of that for years now!!

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