Another lovely weekend!!

We spent it in Hove.. The idea was to leave on Saturday, make our way down to Brighton and check into our hotel and then give the Dawson’s a shout and see what they would like to do!

Well.. all went to plan.. We had a bit of a lie-in on Saturday, went and got Ollie’s hair cut, packed and then left mid afternoon.. I was driving as Ollie’s car is in a bit of a state, poor little thing! Got in and chilled for a bit and then we gave Tess a shout. Now she is a babe. Poor darling entertained us all weekend!!

Klyve, Tess and Lilly came to the hotel to pick us up and we decided to descend upon an Indian restaurant and feed our hungry faces. The place we chose looks lovely from the outside and would have been lovely on the inside, apart from the fact that there’s a nightclub/bar being run in the basement and the noise and thunping (once it started) is pretty hard to ignore.

We got there pretty early (6ish) and asked for a window table, unfortunately, the one they had was booked for 8pm and one of the waiters said in his best possible accent, ‘You can have that table, you’re only eating, you’ll be finished in an hour’. Hah! I don’t think so. Tess asked for another table and that’s where we stayed till just after 11pm!! Dirty stop-outs that we are!!

To be honest, I know there are some great places to eat and I know that most Indian Restaurants now no longer try to tone down their dishes, but this place didn’t even bother with flavouring the dishes.. to put it simply, it wasn’t the best I’ve had. Tess and I both decided we’d be better off cooking ourselves, so the next endeavour is to get together and make a couple of curries, Indian and Thai, I think and scoff.
I’m seriously looking forward to that… I love cooking (Ollie has brought that out in me) and I am proud that I make some mean Indian dishes.. none of this stuff from a restaurant, just a simple home-cooked Indian meal. And I LOVE Thai!!! SO I’m in heaven just thinking about it!!

We chatted about all sorts and it was a fantastic evening. The highlight for me was definitely meeting Lilly though.. she is so scrummy!! The trendy young baby was sporting a mohican.. definitely a trendsetter. I suggested putting a ribbon in her hair and Kylve vetoed it straight away.. I have a feeling he didn’t like the idea at all.. I wonder why.. *look of innocence on my face*

Well we paid up after the waiter insisted on letting us know that we were mighty irresponsible for bringing a baby out on a Saturday night, of all nights and subjecting the poor mite to a smokey restaurant. Hmm.. No one was actually smoking in the restaurant. He’d taken a dislike to us cos we sat there for 5+ hours talking and eating.. what bad people we are.. taking liberties like that.


Kylve told him quite pleasantly, that it was his child and he would do what he liked…

Ah well.. I don’t care what the stupid man thought. If he couldn’t come out and just say ‘You’ve spent ages in here, now pay up and leave’ then I have no time for muppets like him making judgements that he has no right to make.

Having had a few glasses of white wine, I was a bit tippley and Klyve dropped us off at the hotel.. thankfully.. I’m surprised I could walk in a straight line.. such a light weight!! 😀

Sunday was pretty laid back.. the hotel served breakfast and I was icky enough to want a full English.. yum!!

We went for a bit of a walk along the sea front as well… stunning. It was actually a completely fabulous day… loved it and then made our way over to the Brady Bunch Mansion… I mean the Dawson Mansion!! 😀

It was lovely to be welcomed into a such a family sanctuary. They’re all so lovely and friendly and little Lucas and Cameron are adorable!! 🙂

I got to play with Lilly and she’s such a darling.. no peep whatsoever, other than to gurgle and dribble and smile… aww…

We had lunch and spent a great time just chilling and chatting.. and then we made our way back to Goring..

I’d love to do this every weekend. The Dawson’s are special people with a lot of heart and Ollie and I are very priveleged to know them.

Hurry up Cake day!!! 🙂


4 thoughts on “Another lovely weekend!!

  1. Tess and Klyve are indeed splendid. You’re not having Lilly, though. I’m already hatching a cunning plan to kidnap her. 🙂

  2. Hah! Watch me! I’m hatching a plan too and as I don’t have children and you’ve already sworn your first born over, I think I win!!

    I get Lilly, I get Lilly!! :p

  3. sounds like you had a fab time. i love curries too, and wish i could have one for tea now tonight. i’m very upset that i live so far away from everyone and can’t make it to the cake day now. please can you put up more lovely piccies like last time;)

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