Lovely weekend so far..

.. we had a bit of a lie in this morning and got up around 10ish… very nice indeed! It’s been a busy few weeks and quality time like this has been few and far between. So, as you can imagine, I definitely appreciated this morning!

I got in early yesterday from work and met our landlady, pottering in our garden. She’s a lovely lady!! As we were chatting, I asked if she’d like to spend the day with us today and you should’ve seen the twinkle in her eyes!! It was great to see her so excited. We picked her up earlier today and took her to the garden centre near us.. It was such fun!

We visited the pine furniture place in the same park and she really liked a wonderful oak table and a set of leather chairs. Very classy and definitely worth the money they were asking for. I think she’s taking her son on Monday to show him and buy the table…
From there we moved on to the aquarium to pick up some filter and food for the fish tank and she was like a kid in a candy store, watcing all the fish.. Ollie was in his element showing her the different cold water fish and the tropical fish..!

We also popped into a fireplace shop and I never really realised this, but our landlady is really very knowledgable in building work and chimneys and fireplaces!! 🙂

Popped into the garden centre as well and picked up a few wall flowers and heather.. it was a giggle walking up and down the plant aisles and picking stuff for our ‘future garden’..

From there we went to the supermarket, had a spot of lunch in the restaurant and then did a little shopping… she really is a lovely person and was so thankful for being taken out and us spending time with her..

We love her to bits. She’s a nice person that doesn’t take any naffness from anyone, which I admire greatly.

I hope that when I’m in my 70’s, I’m as active and as nice as she is…


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