Ivy from Knitty WIP

I started this on holiday a number of times and had to frog as I couldn’t get my head around the ribbing instructions!! The bit that confused me wasn’t the cabling, but the actualy keeping yarn forward and back while slipping stitches.. It wasn’t until one of the gals on the AY forum explained to me what I was supposed to be doing that it suddenly made sense! I was splitting the slip stitch part and the wyif and wyib bits, so that when I went to knit/purl the next stitch, I was still holding the yarn the way it was saying, and getting some really weird stitches!!

Once Fiona had explained what I was meant to be doing, Ivy has whizzed along fantastically..

This is my first time at cabling and even though there hasn’t been loads of it, I’m very proud of the results! 😀

I’ve just finished the ribbing and am now on the st st part…


This is the back:

Pretty in pink

and this is a close up of the cabling/ribbing:



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