Charity Shops..

Ollie and I ventured out from the warmth of our hearth today.. we wandered around a food and as we did, came across a charity shop.. I asked the lovely lady in the back whether they had any wool and knitting needles and she kindly pointed out that I had just walked straight past the wool and explained that she would pull out the needles from behind the counter, for me to peruse…

I picked up some lovely mohair and some other odd balls.. I have some small projects planned for this wool stash. I also picked up some more metal needles.. Aero, I think they are.

It was great fun. πŸ™‚

Now, I know what you’re all thinking.. ‘Doesn’t she keep harping on about being on a stash diet..?’ Well, yes, I do.. and sorry to bore you with that, but as Ollie pointed out, the money I spent has gone to charity and it shouldn’t really count.

I know, I know… it does count. But… I’ve done it now and I haven’t bought anything in such a long time.. it’s a treat. So there! πŸ˜€


One thought on “Charity Shops..

  1. He’s amazing! He justifies yarn buying – how much do we all love this man?!

    (Oh, and I emailed you back, but I got a delivery delayed notification, so i’m not sure of you got it or not – anyway, i’ve got you a little happy divorce pressie, so if you email me your addy I’ll send it to you!)

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