Ollie’s Scarf…

Well.. If I remember correctly, I posted something earlier in the week to say that on an impromptu shopping trip, Ollie and I visited the LYS.. and found some Wendy Fusion that he liked straight away…

Using the Fusion, I made a very simple scarf. Ollie says it’s manly… 😀

It’s taken a couple of weekends to finish, inbetween other WIPs and I completed it today about an hour ago..

Here is is being the perfect model:

My Model

Here he is being a not-so-perfect model!!


Now I haven’t actually told him I was going to post that one!! Hee! Hee! Hee!!

And finally, just the scarf on it’s own:


The Wendy Fusion was lovely to work with.. very chunky but easy to knit.. Loved it!


3 thoughts on “Ollie’s Scarf…

  1. I know!! Doesn’t he look all cool with the Turban!! 🙂

    Yep, he most definitely is. I need him to pull down boxes and his services for the above are offered out to all the lovely ladies that may need them… 😀

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