Scarfs and socks and others…

I’m really struggling with my knitting at the moment.

It’s so bad that most evenings I don’t even pick up a project and knit a few rows. This is even though I’ve hardly had an opportunity to knit during lunch at work.. 😦

I can’t even tell you why it’s been like that, it just has… *sigh*

I’m currently working on a number of projects, all of which are languishing in my knitting bag:

1. second to my hedera
2. second to my sisters hedera
3. rib and eyelet debbie bliss top
4. booties for babies…
5. matching blanket for above booties
6. ollie’s scarf

The last is the latest addition to my WIPs.. The story behind it is that we were in my LYS in Newbury, with Ollie and he saw the Wendy Fusion in Mace and decided he really liked the way the colours variegated and would really appreciate a scarf in it.. so we picked up a couple of balls and I sat down and started on it for him… The pattern is a simple stitch pattern, found in a Debbie Bliss book called How to Knit

It’s pretty simple, in multiples of 4 sts + 1 st:

Row 1: K2, [P1, K3] to last three sts, P1, K2
Row 2: P1, K3 to end

Now I’ve never actually ‘designed’ anything for myself, so taking the two rows above and adapting it for a scarf was a big deal for me!!!! 😀

I am really chuffed that I can do this, simple though it may well be…

I picked up the rib and eyelet again today and I’m really not enjoying making this.. I may well ahve to frog and make something that I want out of the silk…. although, I think frogging it might not be good for the actual yarn itself… hmm..

On another note, I went shopping with my sis on Friday (day off work) and bought a top that is knitted and mohairy..!! It’s a lovely top and the reason I bring it up is that the lace pattern and the fit actually have made me want to design/knit something similar myself… I am in the first stages of the thinking process for this… watch this space!! Well.. maybe not, it might not come to anything! 😀


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