Not being blasphemous or anything…. but I have to post this…

I AM GOING TO BE A DIVORCEE!! It’s all happening on October 4th 2006, at 10:30am…

I came home and Ollie had a massive grin on his face.. He’d called around 16:15ish to say that I’d had a letter from my solicitor; after waiting for him to open it, he told me that the date for the Decree Nisi had been set..

I’ve just read the letter and you can not believe how over joyed I am!! 😀 I know some of you are going to think ‘How can she rejoice in this?’ Well, if you knew the history and the truama behind the decision to get divorced, you would understand my celebrations. Suffice to say, I am happy.. really happy.


2 thoughts on “OMG!!!!

  1. I was delighted when my divorce came through (about a million years ago now) so I can imagine how happy you are feeling. Time to close the door on that part of life and enjoy your new one!

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