Baby Socks!!! Now with Piccies

I decided that my LL Cranberry leftover from the first Hedera that I made, needed to be put to good use, so I decided to knit up some baby socks…

Found the pattern on the Interweaves site under the Free Patterns/Gifts called Better-Than-Booties Baby Socks

I made the Chevron Lace socks and when I finished the first of the pair, I realised I done them on my 2.5 DPNs and not the 2.0 ones that I bought specifically. Now I’m a loather of having to start something again, especially after I’ve finished and it looks damned fine…! πŸ™‚ So I decided to carry on and make the second of the pair. Finished that last night and they look so cute!! They’re bigger than the specified measurements, (to be expected, considering I knit them on the wrong needles!) but they look

I’m hoping that the mother I’m going to send them to, with the booties I made in pink, will put them to one side and use them once the little one has slightly bigger feet!! πŸ™‚ I’ll make another pair of the socks, using one of the other patterns, but this time, I’ll knit them on the right sized needles!!

Seriously, they’re adorable!!

Piccies as promised:

On my own:
Single entity

Chevron lace closeup:

All together now…:

Ohh.. and it’s my first attempt at short row heels.. impressive.. I was awed at how they turn out..
I need to knit them tighter, but as long as I know that, it seems to work out ok. they look so much neater as well than the normal Opal/Regia heels that I’ve done so far.

Back to the Rib & Eyelet tank from DB… *sigh*


5 thoughts on “Baby Socks!!! Now with Piccies

  1. Short row heels are great, so much better and easier than picking up stitches! I found I had to experiment with different ways on wrapping the stitch to fond out which gaver me the tightest stitches, and I’m still not quite decided what works best for me πŸ™‚

  2. I know!! I was so surprised when I finished the first heel.. it didn’t make any sense.. it was just.. done..

    I definitely have to try and tighten up the stitches, cos it’s really annoying when it leaves a visible hole, but I think the more I practice and experiment the better it will be… I tried a couple of methods and we shall see!

  3. I love the look of that baby sock pattern. I’ll have to get some LL especially for DD. Might need to make mine a bit bigger, cos her feet are already 12cm long :-O

  4. hee! hee!

    They were supposed to be only 9″ long, but cos I knitted them up on the wrong sized needles, mine are 12″… unless i’ve got my measurements wrong, which really and truly wouldn’t surprise me in the least..
    *sigh* just wanna go home now.. it’s been a long week.

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