Baby Booties and Blanket

I have finished 3 pairs of booties and in the same Bernat pattern, there is a blanket to make… 🙂

I got through the basic chain and the the first row. Brill. I’m in my element, I can follow a crochet pattern, no probs, right??? WRONG.
I get to the second row and I’m stuck. Bloomin’ Nora. This is just not funny. This is the third crochet pattern I’ve ever followed and once again, I’m stuck. 😦 Not happy. Not at all.

I tried for ages last night to try and work out what the pattern was talking about and exactly where I was going wrong. Could I sort it out myself? Could I hell. *blushes at stupidity*

Thankfully I have a whole forum full of people to turn to. 😀

I posted a thread on the AY forum and within minutes I had a couple of replies and guess what??!! They made sense!! Not that I’m saying they wouldn’t. But that ot actually made sense to dense me. 😀 I am so chuffed. I finished the second row and it looks fab, I then did rows three and four and I am happy. More blanket tonight, but I now get the pattern so it should be pretty easy… Watch out for an ‘ARRRGGHHH’ thread tonight when I get stuck again.. speaking too soon and all of that…!!


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