All work and no play…

The last few weeks have been really busy, in terms of both work and personal stuff.. I’ve spent a lot of time on trains and tubes, talking to customers and generally driving up and down the country. I am shattered! šŸ˜€ But in a good way. It means that I’m busy and earning my money. The sense of satisfaction that this gives is immense.

Not sure I mentioned this, but my sister is moving flats and she’d given her notice to her old landlord, before she’d found a new place to move to. Well, she found a place, but between her move out date and her move in date, there was/is a gap of around 2 weeks. She’s been with me for them!!

It’s been interesting. She works about 5 minutes from my workplace, so I drop her off in the mornings and pick her up in the evenings.. my trips to and from work have definitely become more interesting! I don’t have to talk to myself anymore!! šŸ˜€

We were supposed to be moving her weekend just gone, but we had some family stuff to attend and the move date is now this weekend…

The last few weekends, as mentioned, have been busy too.. we had an engagement to go to one weekend.. then a wedding in Rugby and a Reception in London, all in the same day the next weekend and the weekend just gone, we travelled up to Manchester, as my Aunt is expecting and we have a ceremony that is carried out to bless her and the child se’s carrying..

Meeting family is fantastic and catching up with everyone is what makes occassions like this mean more. The only issue I have with all of this is the fact that as I’m getting divorced, a lot of the conversation was about me. I don’t mind being the center of attention, but not when it’s not my day, so to speak. The engagement, wedding, reception and pooja weren’t for me. They were for other people. It definitely wasn’t the time or the places to be talking about me.. I know people want to know what happened, what went wrong etc etc etc. And they want to know whether any of the rumours being spread are actually true or not. Of course they’re not. But having to explain the situ to a dozen people, all at different times, again and again is not fun. I’ve now promised to visit all my extended family at some point or another and sit down and talk to them about me and my not-so-extraordinary life.. *sigh*

Ah well, all part and parcel of being Indian I suppose… or that’s what my parent’s tell me anyway. šŸ˜€


2 thoughts on “All work and no play…

  1. Ah yes, the joys of being part of a cultural tradition. I feel your pain, what with me being a single parent with decidedly loose morals from an Irish catholic family! I know what it’s like to be the focus of all the attention šŸ˜‰

  2. Thank you…

    It’s just annoying and the parents don’t help either.. Mum over dramatises everything and I feel so guilty most of the time.

    I just refuse to back down on this and anyway, it’s all nearly over, so there’s no stopping the situation.

    I’ll be the talk off the town for a while, until the next juicy bit of gossip.. šŸ™‚

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