This weekend…

… was very, very busy!!

M, Heena (my sisters) and I had a family wedding to attend in Rugby. Which, on it’s own, wouldn’t have been an issue. But, we also had a reception to go to as well, as my cousin has just got engaged. Now this was back in London..!

We got up early and dressed in all our traditional Indian gear, we traipsed across to Heena’s, in London, and then travelled up to Rugby. So far so good. Apart from the fact that we hot some major traffic.. hmm…

The wedding was like all Indian weddings, full of people gossiping and making noise, not actually taking any notice of the bride and groom getting married. The bride was stunning! We mingled, had lunch and then decided that we should start on the trek back down to London. At this point we realised Dad hadn’t eaten with us and was nowhere to be found.. not good. Mum was livid! He’d decided to go to the pub with his chums for a ‘quick pint’.. Right. Whatever! It was a couple of pints and I had to go get him and make him go for lunch. We’re already running late by now!!

Eventually, once Dad had eaten, we piled in to the two cars, Heena drove hers and I drove Dad’s… We made it to London after a few wrong turns and Heena pranging Dad’s car while reversing back down a narrow street, with an oncoming idiot in a range rover…. fun and games. Not.

We got to the folk’s hotel and left everyone there to change and get ready for the evening do…. and Heena and I went to hers to change and pick up my car… We got back to the hotel and went across to the reception. The blasted place had no parking, so we parked down a side street. I wasn’t particularly happy about it… ah well…

We got home around 2ish in the morning and I was shattered!!! πŸ™‚ Sunday was a trip down to Ollie’s parents… so as you can probably imagine, I’m knackered and dead on my feet today!!! πŸ™‚


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