Hedera, 1 down…

I finished the first sock the other evening… Friday I think and here are the piccies!!

Full Length:
Full Sock

Close up of Lace:

On my foot:

I loved making this and I’ve started one in the Angel Yarns sock wool for my sister… I’ll make the second to this one, once I’ve finished M’s.



3 thoughts on “Hedera, 1 down…

  1. That looks lovely in the variegated – my hedera is still awaiting it’s partner and I can’t see me doing it any time soon either. I’ve no idea why I’m not motivated as it is such a nice looking sock, but the love just aint there. Maybe when I see your finished pair my jealousy will force me into action!

  2. You know, I fell in love with this as soon as I could see the lace pattern immerging… I finished it super quick (for me anyway!)… to be honest though, I needed to start another in a different colour before trying the second in this colour. I’ll finish the other one quickly, so you can see the pair and be super-motivated!! 😀

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