New projects…

I started the Rib and Eyelet tank from the Debbie Bliss Pure Silk book, in the cream Pure Silk and it’s ok.. but I got a little bored of it… I’m about a third of the way up the front and I’m not sure how I feel about it to be honest..

I think the yarn is lovely to work with, if a bit furry sometimes.. and I like the colour, so I think it may well be the pattern that I’m not really keen on. I like the end product and it looks good on the lady modelling it in the pattern book, but I’m not convinced it’s one for me.. hmm…

I think I have to really knuckle down and start it again and see how far I get.. but if I then top again, I’m gonna leave it or frog it and use the yarn for another project. There. Decision made!!

On another note, I got the new Vogue Knitting (Fall 2006) over the weekend and I love the Gray’s Anatomy range they have in it.. I have a lovely Wendy Sub that I’m gonna use to make the very first pattern of Gray’s in there… but only after I have another go at the Rib & Eyelet… 🙂


2 thoughts on “New projects…

  1. Not very well to be honest. I put it down weeks ago and I haven’t picked it up again in a while.. got side tracked with the Hedera!! 😀

    I have every intention of going back to this WIP and finishing it soon. Honest guv’.

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