Quick update on life in general!!!

It’s been a while since I posted anything.. life has been pretty hectic..!

Personal stuff is taking it out of me at the moment to be perfectly honest. I’ve been running around like a headless chicken getting things sorted.

Sis and I went to a cousin’s engagement last weekend and I picked up a stomach bug along the way… ouch..

M (my sis) has now found a new studio flat to rent and thankfully we handed in the correct paper work on Friday afternoon and on Friday evening she got a phonecall to say that it was all hers, pending references etc. She was way relieved!!! So was I! No more house/flat hunting!!

The funny thing is, it was at the beginning of July that she handed in her notice to her current landlord. This is without having a place to move to!! Mad girl. Thankfully, we work in the same area, so she can come lilve with me for a week or so until she can move into the new place. Phew.. lucky for her I’m around!! πŸ˜€ Only messing.. that’s what sister’s are for.

What else have I been up to? Not a lot really. I’ve been busy with work and then all the personal stuff crept up on me…

I found a shop in Thatcham (where I work) that has some nice bits and pieces. The place is called Needlecraft Emporium (I think) and while it’s needlecraft area is massive and full of little surprises, it’s wool/yarn section is not so big and not so full of surprises.. it was ok, but generally novelty yarn and a few Paton’s DK… Sirdar and I can’t remember what else. I think I’ll pop in again in a few weeks.

Got to resist temptation.. I’ve been doing fabulously well with the stashalong and I haven’t bought any yarn other than for the Secret Summer Santa and some needles, so I can get on with my stash busting expedition!!! πŸ™‚ Me good girl.

Finally got all the bits and pieces together for my spoilee (SSS) and I have the parcel waiting to go. Ollie will send it tonight when he gets in. Such a darling. πŸ™‚

More abour projects and stuff in the Knitting area!!!


One thought on “Quick update on life in general!!!

  1. Less of the mad thank you very much!! I prefer to think of my self as spontaneous. The booties are bootiful (bad joke i know but had to say it), there will be some v stylish babies around this season!

    I thought the next pair of socks were going to be mine! or are you serious about me trying to make my own pair?

    That Yoda jumper looks really cool, wrap around v convenient! less crying!!

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