Lotus Blossom Tank… FO

Well, I finally finished the tank and even though it was great fun making it, I’ve decided that I dislike having to pick up stitches.

Thankfully the Jane Crawford techniques book has been a tremendous help. Not only can I now do mattress stitch and other joining techniques, I can now pick up stitches as well. In a much neater, nicer fashion. This is after trying to pick up the stitches from the actual armhole seams and not using the yarn to create the stitches. If you see what I mean.

Anyway. It’s all finished. Piccies below.

Front on Front on

Side view Side view


9 thoughts on “Lotus Blossom Tank… FO

  1. Thanks Catknit…. 😀

    I’d normally have never picked that colour for myself to be honest. I’ve always shied away from reds…

    Next is a top in Debbie Bliss Pure Silk, from her book.. The pattern has a couple of mistakes so far, but all is looking good!!

  2. Picking up stitches is something that I don’t like doing either, but once you know how to do ti properly it makes the world of difference! Love the top, Ollie defiately has an eye for colour 🙂

  3. Hello!

    looking good sweety! it goes really nicely with that white skirt and your red shoes would be perfect!!

    So you figured out how to pick up stiches then?

    Can I put in an order, I’ll give you the measurements once I’ve found my measuring tape!! You can help me pick a colour

  4. hee! hee!

    Thanks hun… I eventually figured out how to do the picking up stuff…

    Cheeky moo…. :p but no worries, we can work out what’s best for you when you’re over some time soon..

  5. Ohh… Amelie, I missed your comment!!

    Thanks babe… Ollie is walking around all smug because of all the compliemnts flying his way!! 😀

    Glad I’m not te only one who doesn’t like picking up stitches.

  6. Thanks Lyonheart!! I loved making it… The yarn is a bit rough, but you really can’t tell when you’re wearing it.

    Oh no.. why??!! It’s not that difficult to tackle, honestly. This is my second adult garment and my first attempt at proper lace.. it was fun!!

    If I can do it, so can you! 🙂

  7. Don’t know how I missed seeing this when you first posted it! I love the colour of your LBT and it looks great on you. I agree about it fun knitting the lace part. Complicated enough to keep your interest, but with only 10 stitches per repeat not too complicated.

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