Site Visits…

As you can probably guess, that’s what I’m on at the moment.

I drove up to Liverpool yesterday morning, with plenty of time to get to site and start work around 1ish.. Well I got to the centre and then got completely lost. I was here for 12.30!!!! Eventually found a place to park, walked in to meet the customer and was told that there was probably a meter that I needed to feed money into for the privilege of parking.. 😦

Went back outside only to realise that I’d left my keys upstairs with the customer. There was no meter anyway, it was a disabled parking space.. Oh NO!!! Traipsed back upstairs and the gentleman that I was meeting proceeded to try and tell me where the nearest NCP was… it took him over 10 mins. I was lucky that in this time I didn’t darned well get a ticket! My own fault, I know.. doesn’t stop me venting though.

Good job I had my tomtom with me!! πŸ˜€ Programmed in that I wanted NCP’s in the area and it took me to one just 90 yards from the customer.. (rather than the 1/2 mile the customer was talking about!!)

I got to work eventually around 2ish… Thankfully the issues that the customer is having aren’t all related to the product that I’m here to ‘fix’.

This morning, back with them, finished off the final bits and pieces and I’m hoping to leave around 1ish… hoping. Operative word.

Anyway, I stayed at my parent’s last night… it was good fun. My youngest sister and brother are at home with them, so catching up took forever!! Even knowing I had an early start, we didn’t actually go to sleep till gone 12… Bad children!! πŸ™‚

Home soon.. please…


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